Taiwan Tower Floating ObservatoriesRomanian practice dorin stefan birou arhitectura,  upgrade.studio and Mihai Craciun from the USA have been awarded first prize in the taiwan tower conceptual international competition.

Using the ‘geographical’ visual of taiwan which resembles a leaf as a design launchpad, ‘floating observatories’ compares to a technological tree in its form and function.

Featuring eight leaf-like observatories, the tower’s tree-like silhouette aims to reflect the local symbolism while serving as a model of green architecture. The dynamic observation decks are set in a zeppelin-like elevator formation, holding between 50 to 80 people at a given time.

Floating Observatories and Museum

Taiwan Tower Conceptual

The skin of the tower also features adjustable photovoltaic panels, adding to the structure’s energy supply.

Taiwan Tower Floating11

Floating Observatories and Museum

Taiwan Tower Floating10

Taiwan Tower Floating6




Taiwan Tower Floating9

Taiwan Tower Floating5


Taiwan Tower Floating8

Taiwan Tower Floating4



Taiwan Tower Floating7

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