GL-10 ten-engine electric plane

The Greased Lightning or GL-10 ten-engine electric plane prototype, currently in the design and testing phase, takes off for the first time.   Watch the video…

Above: the GL-10 prototype taking off in hover mode like a helicopter.  Image credit NASA Langley/David C. Bowman

A team at NASA’s Langley Research Center is developing a concept of a battery-powered plane that has 10 engines and can take off like a helicopter and fly efficiently like an aircraft. The initial thought was to develop a 20-foot wingspan (6.1 meters) aircraft powered by hybrid diesel/electric engines, but the team started with smaller versions for testing, built by rapid prototyping.

During a recent spring day the engineers took the GL-10 to test its wings at a military base about two hours away from NASA Langley. The remotely piloted plane has a 10-foot wingspan (3.05 meters), eight electric motors on the wings, two electric motors on the tail and weighs a maximum of 62 pounds (28.1 kilograms) at take off.

via NASA