The new Arena of the Colosseum

The new Colosseum Arena floor in Rome, will cover the 32,300-square-foot floor at a cost of $22.2 million, is expected to be completed by 2023.

The design envisages bringing to life the integral components of the largest amphitheater in the ancient world which is estimated to have held up to 87.000 spectators.

The indoor arena measures 86 × 54 m with an area of 3.357 sqm. The new platform is to be placed at the height it had at the time of the Flavians and takes up the layout of the original plan. The beams will rest on the existing walls, with no mechanical anchors or any invasive impact, and will be completely reversible.

Having the new floor will allow us to fully understanding its original uses and functions, while the technological solutions will guide visitors in discovering the complex organizational and scenic machine that governed the shows in Roman times.

The floor is made up of movable panels with a carbon-fiber core and covered in Accoya wood: a material that is obtained through a process of wood fiber acetylation to increase its strength and durability. The wood comes exclusively from certified forests, where the felling is planned according to the regrowth.

source buromilan