oldest and biggest Mayan Monument

The oldest and biggest Mayan monument discovered in Southern Mexico.

3,000-year-old and largest ancient Maya monument has been discovered at Aguada Fénix near Tabasco, about 850 miles east of Mexico City.

Above: A 3D image of the monumental platform at Aguada Fénix (in dark brown).  Credit Takeshi Inomata

oldest and biggest Mayan MonumentCredit Takeshi Inomata

The discovery published in the journal Nature.

Archaeologist Takeshi Inomata of the University of Arizona, the lead author of the paper, explains:

“It’s fairly hard to explain, but when you walk on the site, you don’t quite realize the enormity of the structure. It’s over 30 feet high, but the horizontal dimensions are so large that you don’t realize the height.”

“We think this was a ceremonial center. [It’s] a place of gathering, possibly involving processions and other rituals we can only imagine.”

Mayan Monument