Holographic 3D lithium-ion microbattery

Scientists created a microbattery that could make small chips entirely independent.

Image credit University of Illinois

Holographic 3D lithium-ion microbatteries, can deliver energy at the actual point of energy usage, providing capabilities to miniaturize electronic devices and enhancing their performance.

Paul Braun, professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Illinois, explained:

“This 3D microbattery has exceptional performance and scalability, and we think it will be of importance for many applications.

Micro-scale devices typically utilize power supplied off-chip because of difficulties in miniaturizing energy storage technologies. A miniaturized high-energy and high-power on-chip battery would be highly desirable for applications including autonomous microscale actuators, distributed wireless sensors and transmitters, monitors, and portable and implantable medical devices.”

The battery created by a 3D holographic patterning technique, offers high power and high energy, and exceptional control of the electrode’s structural limits, enabling customized energy on specific applications.

source University of Illinois