All Giza Pyramids in one shot

Scientist will use cosmic rays to unveil Egypt’s pyramids secrets and finally show how the they were built.

Scientists from all over the world started ‘Scan Pyramids’ project, to find chambers, construction techniques and discover new tombs.

Above: All Giza Pyramids in one shot.   Credit wikimedia

The scientists from Egypt, France, Canada and Japan, using modern infra-red technology and advanced detectors.

They also hope to discover the queen Nefertiti’s tomb.

The use of Cosmic Rays will discover the secrets of Pyramids

Minister of Antiquities Mamduh al-Damati announced:

“This special group will study these pyramids to see whether there are still any hidden chambers or other secrets inside them.

These engineers and architects will conduct the survey using non-destructive technology that will not harm the pyramids.”

via dailymail