Triton 660 AVA Submarine

This stunning new Triton’s 660/9 AVA submersible lets up to eight passengers and a pilot enjoy exceptional views down to 660 feet.

The Triton 660 AVA series employs our revolutionary Advanced Versatile Acrylics to create the world’s first submersibles with a free-form acrylic pressure hull.

Triton 660 AVA Submarine (4)

These singular, expansive spaces afford you considerable flexibility to curate experiences hitherto unimaginable in a submersible; from cocktails and casinos to weddings and private dining.

Triton 660 AVA Submarine (3)

Within a footprint comparable to that of previous-generation dual-hulled submersibles, AVA offers a singular acrylic volume up to three times greater, parity of viewing for all guests, and a greater number of seats.

Triton 660 AVA Submarine (2)

The Triton 660 AVA is the next great leap in underwater experiences.

Triton 660 AVA Submarine (1)

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