Futurus heads-up display

A company has built a heads-up display that transforms the entire windshield into a giant screen.

Beijing-based company Futurus is working on a future in which the driving experience could look very different for the passengers of the cars. A light field based full windshield head-up display, with augmented reality features.

Futurus heads-up display (3)

Integrated with driving assistance system, information push service, office & entertainment system, and SLAM etc., the full windshield size transparent display is a high potential Smart and/or Autonomous Car human-machine interface platform, with strong extensibility.

With the light field technology, AR HUD will provide the driver an excellent AR driving experience, and the driver will feel secure, knowing what the car are currently seeing, thinking and planning.

Futurus heads-up display (2)

Till today, Futurus is the world’s only technology provider of full windshield size AR HUD.

Technology: Light Field Projection
FOV: up to 60°
Resolution: up to 80px/degree
Luminance: up to 15,000 nits
Image Distance: 1.5m ~ infinity

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Images credit Futurus

source Futurus