UVMask Air Purification Face Mask

UVMask is an all-day active UV-C reusable air purification face mask.

UVMask is a reusable, two-way protection, ozone-free mask that filters air pollutants, dust, smoke, droplets, pollen & leaf mulch as you breathe.

UVMask, the next-generation reusable air purification & antipollution face mask with the most powerful UV-C technology on the market.

Equipped with a passive air filter, and a groundbreaking patent-pending Sterile-Vortex active purification, it filters the air in real-time, providing all-day, 8-hour protection.

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The UV-C light is sealed within the patent-pending Sterile-Vortex, which means no UV-C leakage is made possible during the filtration process.

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We use two state-of-the-art 265nm pure UV-C LEDs in the Sterile-Vortex, which are ozone free, ultra-safe, and durable.

As you breathe, the air is sent through the vortex and purified under two 25,000μW/cm² UV-C LEDs that are connected by a quartz chamber wall, making the total UV-C intensity 50,000μW/cm² throughout.

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