Watch Self-driving car Navigate with only Cameras and simple GPS

Learning to drive like a human. Watch self-driving car navigate with only cameras and simple GPS.

Wayve‘s algorithm can drive on never-seen-before urban roads just with cameras and a basic sat-nav.

End-to-end deep learning

Why is Wayve‘s technology different? It learns end-to-end with imitation learning and reinforcement learning to drive like a human, using computer vision to follow a route. Imitation learning allows us to copy behaviors of expert human drivers.

Reinforcement learning lets us learn from each safety driver intervention to improve our driving policy.

Our model learns both lateral and longitudinal control (steering and acceleration) of the vehicle with end-to-end deep learning. We propagate uncertainty throughout the model. This allows us to learn features from the input data which are most relevant for control, making computation very efficient. In fact, everything operates on the equivalent of a modern laptop computer. This massively reduces our sensor & compute cost (and power requirements) to less than 10% of traditional approaches.

  • No HD-Maps,
  • No expensive sensor/compute suite,
  • No hand-coded rules,
  • Driving on roads never-seen during training.

source Wayve