WaterDrop can produce drinking water in the desert

Solar-powered handheld WaterDrop concept can produce drinking water, in hot environment like in the desert.

Ap Verheggen designed a cutting-edge solar-powered device, that produces drinking water. The system absorbs solar energy during the daytime, to cool the air and to produce condensation, resulting water drops that could be collected.

WaterDrop can produce drinking water in the desert (2)

Ap explains:

“If temperatures rise, the air contains more water. Normally, higher temperatures also mean more sunshine. So, why not focus on harvesting water out of the air, powered only by renewable solar energy? In this way drinking water and water for agriculture become available in most dry parts of the planet.

I know it is still science-fiction, but for sure PV cells increase in efficiency, (only a matter of time) next to the speeding development of materials that store the cold of the night to help pre-cool the inlet-air during

[the] daytime.”

via inhabitat

source Ap Verheggen