Windowless airplanes

Windowless fuselage planes can be possible soon as current technological developments mature and find applications in markets such as the aerospace industry.   Watch the video…

Centre of Process Innovation (CPI) they intend to replace airplane windows with OLED screens displays, offering panoramic views and entertainment. This could be possible by embending on ultra thin screens into the plane’s panels.

Windowless airplanes by CPI (5)


The system which will be ready over the next 10 years, will deliver the incredible 360° adaptable flying space.

The developed technology will also reduce the weight of the plane and the CO2 emissions.

Windowless airplanes by CPI (4)


‘With over 80% of the fully laden weight of a commercial airliner taken up by the fuel, weight reduction is a constant challenge. Explore high value technologies such as OLED displays and discover the potential opportunities available in aerospace development with the support of CPI’s expert knowledge and state of the art facilities.’

Windowless airplanes by CPI (3)

Windowless airplanes by CPI (2)


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source Centre of Process Innovation