Copenhagen Gate crazy project

The city of Copenhagen has approved to build two towers joined by a pedestrian bridge at the entrance to the city’s historic harbor.

Copenhagen Gate, two towers, two bridges project, a project that is nearly eight years in the making, designed by Steven Holl Architects, will finally begin construction next year.

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One of the two towers is situated on Copenhagen Harbor’s Langelinie pier, while the other lies on Marmormolen pier.

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The architect explains:

The city is working with a new local plan for Steven Holl Architects’ project for two skyscrapers joined by a pedestrian bridge at the entrance to the historic harbor in Copenhagen. The design won the competition in October 2008 by a unanimous decision. Construction has been delayed by the economy, but is planned to start in 2016/17 if rental efforts are progressing satisfactorily. The design was honored by a Progressive Architecture Award in 2010. The competition required a pedestrian bridge 65 m above the harbor (for cruise ship clearance) allowing direct links from Gate L to Gate M and the Nordhavn train station.


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