World first Complete Quantum Computer Chip

Scientists reimagining a modern chip, showing how a quantum computer can be manufactured, using mostly standard silicon components.

It’s long been the holy grail, but a devilish difficult ambition to even contemplate: how to integrate quantum interactions into a working computer design.

Now UNSW engineers believe they have cracked the problem, reimagining the modern semiconductor to create the world’s first complete design for quantum computer chip – and using mostly standard industry components.

Scientists Andrew Dzurak, director of the Australian National Fabrication Facility at UNSW, said:

“We often think of landing on the Moon as humanity’s greatest technological marvel.

With quantum computing, we are on the verge of another technological leap that could be as deep and transformative. But a complete engineering design to realise this on a single chip has been elusive.

Our chip blueprint incorporates a new type of error-correcting code designed specifically for spin qubits, and involves a sophisticated protocol of operations across the millions of qubits.”

source UNSW