World first Tank-Quadcopter

B-Unstoppable world first Tank-Quadcopter Hybrid, is both a small helicopter and a tank that can go anywhere. 

B-Unstoppable is on the ground fast driving tank with amazing terrain capabilities and in the air agile quadcopter.

World first Tank-Quadcopter 2

It can turn on the spot, which is extremely useful in limited space, which provides 360 view for on-board camera.  When obstacles become too big, it can simply take-off and fly over them. The model weighs only 84 g, therefore it can be operated nearly everywhere, without the worry of falling down and causing damages to others or model itself.

On the ground each track is controlled by separate channel so you get the full experience of driving a tank.

The video below shows full flight endurance and the wind resistance.

World first Tank-Quadcopter 3

via kickstarter