World’s first 3D-printed communities and homes

World’s first 3D-printed, zero net energy communities and homes created in California.

Palari is a builder of sustainable 3D-printed communities and homes. Palari  strives to make an impact through reduction of waste, use of renewable energy and focus on wellness.  In partnership with Mighty Buildings, Palari is building 3D-Printed net zero energy homes and communities across California.

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Homes are assembled utilizing a 3D-printed panelized system by Mighty Buildings, printed in 80% automated precision quality controlled factory in Oakland, CA. Modular units and Panels are printed with proprietary Light Stone Material, a strong recyclable stone composite.

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From the 3D-printing production process which eliminates 99% of construction waste, to the efficiency of zero net energy operations with solar and weather-resistant materials, Palari aims to minimize environmental impact of building homes.

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All homes are not created equal. Elements and environmental conditions within the home impact our health.

Mighty Buildings is a personalized and sustainable homebuilding service. Their unique platform allows you to customize your modular home, down to the last detail.

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Basil Starr, founder and CEO of Palari, said:

“We are thrilled to launch this first development of 3D printed sustainable homes and partner with Mighty buildings to realize our common vision of transforming the way we build homes of the future. 3D-printing allows us to build faster, stronger and more efficiently, making it integral to our platform of streamlining home-building process centered on sustainability of construction, materials, and operations.”

source Polari