World’s first electric road for charging vehicles

World’s first electric road for charging vehicles

World's first electric road for charging vehicles

The world’s first electric road capable to recharge the batteries of cars and trucks, has been opened in Sweden.

The new system, about 2km (1.2 miles) of electric rail, has been embedded in a public road near Stockholm.

The roads agency has already created a national map for future expansion.

The rail-and-arm it’s easy to install on both roads  and electric cars.

World's first electric road in Sweden

The plan is to electrify by installing rails to 20,000km from the total 500,000km of road in the country.

Hans Säll, chief executive of eRoadArlanda, explained to the Guardian:

“There is no electricity on the surface. There are two tracks, just like an outlet in the wall. Five or six centimeters down is where the electricity is. But if you flood the road with salt water, then we have found that the electricity level at the surface is just one volt. You could walk on it barefoot.”

World's first electric road for charging vehicles

Images credit Erik Mårtensson/eRoadArlanda

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  1. Daneiel Anghelescu 2018/04/14 at 08:07 - Reply

    Looks OK , but it is expensive , and take a lot of time . Special for Sweden and other cold countries How will work when the road is full of ice , betwen the traks ???
    Already exst a method to cherge batteries faster than refualing a car with petrol or diesel – but nobody don’t to pay attention on this technology because don’t come from an advanced country . Sad .

    Good luck with this .

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