Otto Celera aircraft

Leading zero-emission aviation ZeroAvia to optimize fuel cell-powered electric propulsion systems for Otto’s novel aircraft design.

ZeroAvia & Otto Aviation partner to deliver first new airframe design with hydrogen-electric engine option

Under the agreement, Otto and ZeroAvia will work to integrate ZeroAvia’s ZA600 zero-emission engines to Otto’s revolutionary Celera aircraft. The collaboration has the potential to make the Celera the first new airframe design to leverage zero-emission propulsion in its launch models.

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The Celera is a highly innovative new model of transcontinental aircraft, scalable to 19 passengers, that significantly improves the efficiency of flight and reduces the operational costs of flying as a result. This combination significantly expands the opportunities for private air transportation.

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Otto’s advanced aircraft design offers exceptionally low drag across the entire aircraft. The design of the Celera fuselage, empennage and wings take advantage of laminar flow. Laminar flow is the minimum drag solution for aircraft surfaces and features smooth layers of airflow with little to no mixing of adjacent layers. When coupled with highly fuel-efficient propulsion systems, the Celera will significantly reduce operating costs and increase range relative to comparable aircraft, while creating optimal passenger comfort and cargo capacity.

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