Yamaha unveils new motorcycles concept

Yamaha unveils new motorcycles concept

October 16, 2017


The theme of the Yamaha Motor at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017, will be the “Yamaha Future Garage: Resonate the Future.”

A total of 20 models—including six world premiere models and four Japan premiere models—will be on display by Yamaha Motor Co. These will include electrically power-assisted bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, Leaning Multi-Wheelers (LMW), and an automobile design concept model.


Above image: This experimental machine employs artificial intelligence and explores the feasibility of concepts for creating new forms of personal mobility in which the rider resonates harmoniously with machine.



Yamaha MOTOBOT Ver. 2

This autonomous motorcycle-riding robot combines the latest in motorcycle and robotics technology, and is helping pioneer previously unexplored realms of motorcycle R&D. Focusing on operation of the machine from a rider’s standpoint without making any fundamental modifications to the motorcycle itself, MOTOBOT is now capable of riding at high speeds around a racetrack.


Leaning Multi-Wheel MWC-4

Yamaha Leaning Multi-Wheel MWC-4

Looking to expand upon the possibilities for personal mobility stemming from motorcycles, this Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) vehicle has two wheels front and rear and was developed under the concept of “Half-Sized Mobility.”

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 (Organizer: Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.) to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight from October 27 to November 5.

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