UFO data visualization map

UFO data visualization map

This UFO data visualization map made by expert John Nelson, combines census data with nearly 90 years of statistics.


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Α map showing UFO sightings

Map showing UFO sightings

A strange map showing UFO sightings per capita, reported in each area, across the United States.


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Mysterious Lights in Russian Sky

Huge Light in Russian Sky

Again something mysterious from Russia. This time huge silent flash lights up the night sky, in Stavropol.   Watch the video…


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Can you solve these old UFO cases?

Searchlights focus on an unidentified object over Los Angeles

These old ‘UFO‘ photos, from government’s archives, that never been explained, are now available to the public. Can you solve them?


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Thousands of pages of UFO Files released by U.S. Air Force

UFO image 'Winter 1951'

Thousands of pages of UFO files released by U.S. Air Force, containing world’s strangest UFO cases.


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UFO observation – phenomena Hessdalen Lights

phenomena Hessdalen Norway

UFO – Earthlight filmed from Slettælet in Hessdalen, small valley in the central part of Norway on August 24 2013.   Watch the video…


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UFO spotted above astronaut as he repairs ISS

UFO spotted above ISS

UFO spotted above astronaut as he repairs the International Space Station. The mystery craft appears to watch astronauts during spacewalk.   Watch the video…


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Mysterious object over Texas baffled aviation experts

Mysterious object over Texas

A mysterious triangular craft was photographed over Texas, has baffled aviation experts. Is it a UFO or secret fighter jet?


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Peculiar things are happening on Mars

UFO passing over Mars

Is this a UFO passing over Mars? A picture taken by the Curiosity rover on the Martian surface, appears to show a conical object across the sky. Also a scientist claims that the Mysterious Rock found some days ago on Mars, was a living thing, and he’s filed a lawsuit to compel NASA to examine the rock more closely.  Image © JPL/NASA


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A UFO over Chicago neighborhood

A UFO over Chicago neighborhood

A UFO extremely close in Chicago neighborhood, and according to strangeufovideo.blogspot this type of photo was `confirmed’ by multiple witnesses with multiple videos/pictures. But what about the strictly FAA regulations?


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