160 Meter Florida Sailing Yacht concept

The futuristic 160 meter Florida sailing yacht concept created with space age technology carbon fiber wing masts and is also powered by solar sails.

Florida based Norwegian designer Kurt Strand has revealed his latest Superyacht concept, the 160 Meter sailing superyacht “Florida.”

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“When we are talking about sails, most people probably think about white sails, made from sail cloth. This Yacht however is different. It has space age technology wing masts made from carbon fiber. Three 80 meter tall wing sails are electro-hydraulic telescopic retractable. If that alone isn’t beyond spectacular, the wing sails are even covered with the latest state of art solar panels. In case of no wind this superyacht can transform into “solar sail” mode. The control system will automatically adjust the sails into an optimal angel against the sun rays. When it’s windy, the yacht gets into sail mode and can also produce electric power from solar panels. To always keep the sun absorbing surface high glossy, a built-in system will wash and polish the wing mast every time it retracts.”

Sail yacht Florida provides an ultimate, luxury water travel experience.

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The solar sails can even be raised when the yacht is laying in a harbour. It will turn the sails automatically away if wind comes up. Power will be stored in the battery bank and can be used for the onboard Hydrogen production as well.

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At the bottom of the yacht are fitted hydro generators, which also produce electric power while the yacht is moving under sail. All electric power produced will be stored in a 5MW battery bank and can be used to create Hydrogen directly on board of the yacht . In case of no wind or sunshine the yacht can be run on hydrogen fuel power cells.

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The yacht also has a backup genset system, running on fossil fuel. However fossil fuel will be rarely used, depending on where in the world the yacht is situated. Compared to a traditional yacht in the same size, the fuel reduction is about 90%, but under ideal weather conditions this yacht will produce more power than it will be using.

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The yacht is engineered with two, side by side retractable keels with stabilizer. The keels can be lifted individually, to balance the yacht and to create a lean over for a more optimal angel to the sun rays to hit the solar panels. The retractable keels also allow the yacht to enter swallow waterways close to the coastline.
She will accommodate up to 24 guests in 12 luxury suites, 40 crew. Florida boasts a number of high end features, such as superyacht helipad at the fore deck with elevator to the hangar below deck, large swimming pool at the aft deck.
Beach club with a huge selection of tender boats, off-road vehicles, jet skis and watertoys. One of the tenders are the 40 feet electric powered Beach Cruiser, a amphibius & submersible limousine tender. This extravagant tender is stored at the retractable aft deck and can be easy launched and landed on the deck. It features a track system so it can drive up on a beach yes even drive at the bottom in sub mode.

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In a harbor with low wind, the wing sails can be raised to produce power for Hydrogen production. They even can be connected to the land electric system to share power.

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In the center of the yacht is the circular two storey high lobby / bar located, with stunning, undisturbed views from both sides of the yacht.

Interior is in coastal Florida Keys style. All interior floors and carpentry are made from reclaimed wood. Color palette is in Miami pastel tones. The vegan leather and exterior launch furniture are all made from recycled plastics. Of course Florida include own fitness center, spa, supercar garage, cinema.

source Kurt Strand