3D Map of the Brain shows where we store thousands of words

A new detailed 3D map of the brain, shows where we store thousands of words, until we need them.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, produced detailed models of the brain’s dictionary, showing where we store thousands of words.

Above: The brain uses a highly organised archiving system for language. The words are grouped by related meaning and context.   Credit University of California, Berkeley

The models show that networks of words are grouped together, and could be used to make a ‘language decoder,’ to be used to help people with communication disorders.

The study published in the journal Nature:

Here we show that the semantic system is organized into intricate patterns that seem to be consistent across individuals. We then use a novel generative model to create a detailed semantic atlas. Our results suggest that most areas within the semantic system represent information about specific semantic domains, or groups of related concepts, and our atlas shows which domains are represented in each area.

via popsci

source Nature