B’safe Wearable Airbag vest

B’safe smart cycling wearable airbag vest that protects cyclists in their daily ride.

With B’safe, the first wearable airbag vest, you can safely ride your bike wherever you want to go. Going to work or for a ride by bicycle has never been so safe.

The system uses sensors which detect shock and follow cyclist’s motion in context.

When a fall or an accident is detected by the system, the airbag inflates automatically (60 ms) and insures perfect protection of the thorax, the neck and the back before the impact.

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The vest is light, comfortable, easy to use and highly visible in the dark (thanks to reflective stripes all around the vest). It was designed for urban cyclists to protect them on their daily ride.

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2 kind of detection are possible:
– Without a shock: (The cyclist slips along the road) : The «CDU» detects the fall and will activate the airbag if it is needed.
– With a shock: (The cyclist impact a sidewalk): the «saddle sensor» detects the shock, send an alert to the CDU sensor which will determine if there is an accident and if it should trigger the airbag or not.
The accident detection takes 60 ms and the inflation takes 80 ms. So the cyclist is fully protected before the impact.

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