Cactus farming

Cactus farming developed in California‘s unique arid and Mediterranean climate, could ease the drought.

Images are from Ali Chen’s “Grassroots Cactivism” proposal.

Grassroots Cactivism recent proposal, a farm cultivating the drought-tolerant nopales cactus (prickly pear), is the winner of an Archinect’s competition looking for solutions to California’s drought problem.

Cactus farming in Californian (3)


80% of the state’s water usage goes towards agricultural production and a large percentage of that water goes towards crops that feed livestock.


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Architect and graphic designer Ali Chen, 1st place winner in Dry Futures Speculative category, explains:

At our cactus farm we propose to use this low-tech solution to improve and revolutionize existing wastewater management systems, as well as mitigate water usage in farming by supplying a crop that requires little to no water. As a hardy plant that grows locally, this cactus farm can be located anywhere in California. However, it is ideal to locate it near an existing reservoir for convenient releasing of purified water.

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source Archinect’s competition