Canon ME20F-SH video camera

Canon‘s amazing new $30,000 video camera that goes to 4,000,000 ISO, can see in darkness where you can’t.

Canon ME20F-SH video camera with a stunning sensor that reaches an insane 4,000,000 ISO, has the ability to capture Full HD color video in near-darkness!

The camera’s image sensor is only 2.26 megapixels opposed to most full frame sensors that have 20+. The less pixels you squeeze onto a sensor means the larger they can be, the larger they are the more light they gather which in turns means higher ISO it can go.

Canon ME20F-SH video camera 2

This is not a camera designed for the ever day person. It really only has a few special purposes.

It’s designed to capture full color video in extreme low light situations. Think nature or surveillance or any situation where you need to capture something in low light.

There is no internal storage and all storage is done through it’s outputs. You can use canon EF mount lenses either the regular or locking. Canon will release a final list of recommended lenses shortly.

Canon ME20F-SH video camera 3

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