China to build world's fastest Hypersonic Wind Tunnel

China is intending to build world’s fastest hypersonic wind tunnel for the development of spaceplanes.

The new 265 metres (869 feet) in length hypersonic wind tunnel, able to test aircraft at flight speeds of up to Mach 25, is more than three times as long as the average passenger jet.

Above, a US Air Force wind tunnel, photographed in 1960.   Credit US Air Force

Han Guilai, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said to China Central Television:

“The 265-metre-long tunnel can be used to test hypersonic aircraft that can travel at speeds of up to Mach 25 (30,625 kph), 25 times the speed of sound.”

China now is developing a new type of hypersonic missile codenamed ‘DF-17.’