Elon Musk is preparing a new Super Rocket

While the world is still stunned by the Falcon Heavy rocket launch and the roadster traveling to the asteroid belt, Elon Musk announced its plans for a new super rocket.

SpaceX, is going to build an even larger and a stronger rocket which, among other things, will carry people to Mars.

Called BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) or (Big F***ing Rocket), its goal is to achieve a safe and fast transfer to space while drastically reducing costs.

BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) (3)

The BFR will be about 115 meters high, ten meters wide and capable of carrying any kind of cargo, launching satellites, linking the International Space Station, and traveling to other planets in our solar our system.

With this rocket, Musk wants to move people first to the Moon and then to Mars.

The vessel will have 40 cabins with a capacity of 5-6 persons each.

Elon Musk said to the Media:

“The successful launch of Falcon Heavy makes me feel confident that the BFR can be launched successfully. Our technical staff will now turn to the BFR. We believe that the construction of the BFR will be completed in 2019 and its first test flights will begin in 2020.”

BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) (2)

via Dailymail