Europe is planing for a Moon Base by 2030

Europe is planing to build a permanent 3D print Moon Base by 2030.

European Space Agency (ESA) wants to create a 3D printed ‘Lunar Village,’ that could be a replacement for the International Space Station.

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Robots would land first, around 2020, paving the way for astronauts. According to plans, could take almost a week to print a building.

Europe is planing for a Moon Base by 2030 (3)

Multi-dome lunar base being constructed, based on the 3D printing concept. Once assembled, the inflated domes are covered with a layer of 3D-printed lunar regolith by robots to help protect the occupants against space radiation and micrometeoroids.

ESA Director of Human Spaceflight and Operations, said at the symposium, called “Moon 2020-2030 – A New Era of Coordinated Human and Robotic Exploration:

“The ESA space exploration strategy and the ISECG Global Exploration Roadmap underline the strategic significance of the Moon in a global space exploration endeavour. The international vision for lunar exploration calls for a new era of coordinated human and robotic missions enabled by broad international cooperation. The ISS programme has demonstrated the importance of a robust international partnership for ISS development, assembly, operations and effective utilisation. Now is the time to build on this partnership and open it to new partners to continue the journey beyond low Earth orbit. The symposium “Moon 2020-2030″ will be a key step in advancing the international approach for lunar exploration together with key players from agencies, academia, and industry. I personally look forward to the innovative ideas and mission that will be discussed and the feedback from the stakeholders.”

Europe is planing for a Moon Base by 2030 (2)

Europe is planing for a Moon Base by 2030 (1)


source ESA