LinkNYC Wi-Fi hot spots

New York City is replacing old payphones with free Wi-Fi hot spots, announced as the world’s biggest and fastest municipal internet network.

New York is creating street-side Wi-Fi hot spots that will cover the city providing internet access to over 9 million people.

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The 9.5 foot tall futuristic small monolith, it’s called LinkNYC, and is set to beam Wi-Fi signals to all.

New York officials say about the 7,500 planned hot spots, that “their project is democratizing data access while modernizing outmoded street phones.”

LinkNYC Wi-Fi hot spots

The launch of LinkNYC will soon begin with a beta phase, giving New Yorkers an early opportunity to try out Link’s features, provide feedback and help us create the future of our sidewalk experience. Additional apps and services will be rolled out over the next few months and over the next decade.

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