Exoskeletal Exercise Device for Space

Orpheus exoskeletal exercise device for space, inspired from aerial dancers and ballets.

The Orpheus is an exercise device designed for the International Space Station and future Spacecrafts, which has some major improvements superior to Ared (currently used exercise equipment at the ISS).

In outer space, the only pivot point is our own body. So the products should have a harmony with the human body itself.

Exoskeletal Exercise Device for Space

For achieving the perfect product/user relationship ergonomics wise, exoskeletons inspired the design by form and technology.

The Orpheus is designed with today’s technology to create the best user/product relationship; while reducing the current mass and volume of the product, which makes a more efficient space for the interior of the Space Shuttle.

Exoskeletal Exercise Device for Space

The operation is made by the software which stores all the results of the astronauts. According to the exercise program and the user, the device adapts its properties (i.e.: resistance, height, fit to the body). The user performs the exercise, while the device is giving proper resistive force to the muscles.

via Yankodesign