The City of Sandpoint will unveil the first-ever public demonstration of Solar Roadways.

The plan of Solar Roadways is so big – “they intend to eventually take the world’s dependence on oil and shift it to the sun.”

The company will use unique solar panels that are now manufacturing in Sandpoint.

Alyssa Delbridge, the science director at Solar Roadways, said:

“I talk to people from all over the world and they’re just coming here just to see what we’re up to.”

Scott Brusaw, said:

“No more fossil fuels. Keep in mind the machines we’re buying are not meant to do what we’re doing with them. Nobody’s ever sandwiched circuitry between two plates of glass before.

We back it and if you can feel the surface there is a microtexture and macrotexture.

And we’ve had the traction tested to stop vehicles going 80 miles per hour on a wet surface.”

via engadget

source City of Sandpoint