Gigantic Russian new Submarine with enormous Wings

Gigantic Russian new Seismic Survey submarine for Arctic Operations, with enormous wings.

A peculiar submarine concept by the Rubin design bureau, designed to conduct sub-bottom surveys using very low frequency active sonar, mounted on distinctive wing-like structures.

Above, the Arctic Survey submarine with A380 superimposed.  Credit H.I. Sutton

The sonars that can penetrate the sea floor, are at the 45m (145 ft) long wings, so the overall width of the boat, is around 100m (330 ft).

The receivers for this sonar are which project from the sides of the submarine. It’s a large submarine, somewhere between a nuclear attack submarine and a ballistic missile submarine. And

The Rubin Design Bureau that also designed, the largest subs ever built, the Typhoon-class missile submarines, is now creating this 442 feet long, the world’s largest civilian research submersible.

Arctic Survey submarine

Credit H.I. Sutton

The Arctic Research Submarine will have a crew of 40 and a maximum speed of 12.6 knots.

The two sets of wing-like sonar receivers, working like the blade of a pocket knife, will receive sonar signals broadcast.

Arctic Survey submarine

Credit H.I. Sutton

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