GoPro GoKartSean Gao

The GoPro GoKart with multiple cameras placed around the vehicle, is all about capturing every thrilling moment of the race.

Conceived by Sean Gao, this innovative GoKart merges GoPro’s expertise in documenting adventure with the excitement of kart racing.

GoPro GoKart (5)Sean Gao

Each camera serves a unique purpose: the front-facing camera provides a view of the speed, while the side cameras capture overtakes, and the rear camera records the competition behind the rider.

GoPro GoKart (4)Sean Gao

To power up the GoKart, riders simply plug in their smartphones into the dashboard slot, ensuring recognition and activation.

GoPro GoKart (3)Sean Gao

GoPro GoKart (2)Sean Gao

GoPro GoKart (1)Sean Gao

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