Holographic Buttons in Japanese Toilets 1

Floating holographic buttons that can be pressed without touching anything, will be used soon in Japanese toilets.

Murakami Corporation has partnered with startup Parity Innovations, that developed the Parity Mirror a holographic display technology.

The optical element “Parity Mirror®” breaks up a projected image using tiny mirrors and then recreates them into a new image appearing to float in the air.

The holographic image can be seen at fixed position, regardless of the direction and distance of viewing.

By using a small Parity Mirror® (10cm square or so), the floating image can be made to be observed at a short distance, within reach of the user, suitable for use as a personal device.

Murakami Corporation believes this technology could be used not just to toilets, but could also be applied to other instances like ATMs, elevators, and more.

Image credit Murakami Corporation

source Gizmodo