Chris Malloy an Australian mechanical engineer working in his spare time, claims to have invented a working ‘hoverbike‘, operated like a motorcycle. The bike is capable of traveling at speeds of up to 173mph at 10,000 feet.


Measuring 9.8 long by 4.3 wide and 1.8 feet high (3 x 1.3 x 0.55m) the prototype bike seats a single pilot.

The ‘hoverbike’ is controlled completely by handlebars, via actions similar to those used for motorcycles. Forward and reverse movement is accomplished through two grips, one of which increases the thrust while the other adjusts the angle of the control vanes

positioned below the rotors, pitching the nose of the vehicle down for forward movement and up for backwards.

Classified as an ultralight, users won’t be required to have a pilot’s license to ride it.

The 1170 cc hoverbike engine is air-cooled and runs on regular unleaded fuel. One tank will net zippy riders about 92 miles.

They’ll cost a pretty penny too – up to $40,000 depending on demand – though if Malloy can pull in more than 1,000 orders annually, prices will drop.


via dvice via hover-bike