driverless car

Driverless cars are not just about a hands-free driving experience. They will change the way people interact with one another, navigate, or access information.   Watch the video…

In our days thanks to advanced in car computing, various forms of complicated tasks, such as adaptive cruise control, collision warnings and automatic parking are already in use.

When self-driving vehicles begin to spread, in various modes of transportation, there will be a dramatic impact on urban life.

For example the autonomous car could give you a lift to work and then give a lift to an other member of your family.

Now, Tesla Model S has an auto pilot option that allows you to give nearly full control of the vehicle to a computer.

Ford just announced that it will triple its fleet of autonomous cars, and GM is collaborating with Lyft and QNX, for a new software to connect all the new cars to the streets of the near future.

via cbc news