Humanity will communicate through thoughts by 2050

Humanity will abandon speech and communicate using nothing but thoughts by 2050.

According to the producer of the ‘Collective consciousness’ exhibit Marko Krajnovic, at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, the collective consciousness will help people read each other’s thoughts by 2050.

Above, from the Museum of the Future in Dubai

Called Hybrid Intelligence Biometric Avatar (HIBA), it will take on the personas of its users, exchange information with them and become part of the very fabric of the human brain. This is the result of months of research by the Dubai Future Foundation on the future of AI.

Marko Krajnovic, explains:

“HIBA will have the ability to connect the minds of the most clever of us, combining those minds with everything it can find out practically and put it all together in hybrid intelligence.”

Noah Raford, chief operating officer of the Foundation, said:

“It comes from dozens of expert interviews and original in-depth research.”

via indiatimes