Kingii Inflating Bracelet

Kingii is a wearable portable water buoyancy aid device, that can save your life.

Kingii wristband world’s smallest water buoyancy aid device, containing an inflatable balloon and a carbon dioxide cartridge.

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372,000 people drown each year, according to the World Health Organisation.

The device is suitable for swimming, kayaking, sailing, surfing and more.

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By pulling a metal lever, the CO2 cylinder is triggered and fills the balloon, in a second.

It is reusable, reliable and up to 78 times smaller than a life jacket.

Available on Amazon for $70.

  • Great for swimming, surfing, and all water sports
  • Pull the lever and a balloon helps you stay afloat
  • Sufficient for a 280 lbs person
  • Easily reusable with refill cartridge
  • Content: kingii wearable, 2 refill cartridges, manual

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