Japan to test a Space Elevator

Japan to test a Space Elevator

Japan to test a Space Elevator

Japan is set to begin tests on a space elevator connecting Earth and a space station by cable.

Scientists at Shizuoka University are conducting an experiment to develop a “space elevator.” A possible futurist vehicle for space travel and cargo shipments.

Above, the Obayashi Corporation is aiming to build a sea-based space elevator by 2050.  Image credit Obayashi Corporation.

The test equipment will be launched next week by Japan’s space agency H-2B rocket, from southern island of Tanegashima.

The test project involves a miniature elevator just six centimeters long, three centimeters wide, and three centimeters high.

A university spokesman said:

“It’s going to be the world’s first experiment to test elevator movement in space.”

Japan to test a Space Elevator

Artist’s conception of a NASA space elevator.

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  1. Gary Horner 2018/09/06 at 15:14 - Reply

    It would be great if the Japanese are successful, but considering all the complications listed in the hyperlink it would be just as easy to develop a material or some force that could block gravity and allow rockets to escape earth effortlessly.

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