JetCycle Max hydrofoil

The JetCycle Max is a 100% human-powered single-seat foiling boat.

At first glance, the JetCycle Max may look like a flying pedal boat or a pedal canoe.

It is in fact a real concentration of innovations that promises a unique gliding experience that you will not find anywhere else.

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The JetCycle Max is made up of a shell 3.40m long and 0.80m wide, made of composite materials. The height of the JetCycle Max, foils included, is 1.20m.

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Its design guarantees your safety, with or without pedaling power, but also good performance and very good comfort.

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“Our boat has two foils, one at the front and one at the back. These real carbon marine wings give the JetCycle Max easy lift-off even at low speeds so you can take off and fly on the water!”

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To navigate, nothing could be simpler. The JetCycle Max has a crankset with very simple and quick adjustments, without changing gears or chain rings, adaptable to the size of each user. The crank-set is specially designed to allow optimal transfer of muscle power to the propeller, located at the back of the boat.

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