Moon has a solid inner core

Scientists have successfully revealed the internal structure of the Moon and their findings confirm that it has a solid core, like the Earth.

Scientists have made a remarkable discovery regarding the Moon’s interior: a solid inner core.

Above image credit Wikimedia Commons

By analyzing seismic data from moonquakes and utilizing advanced computer models, researchers have determined that the Moon possesses a small, solid core at its center. This finding challenges previous theories that suggested the Moon’s core was entirely molten.

The team has revealed the existence of a solid inner core about 500 km in diameter, which is about 15% of the total size of the Moon.

Moon has a solid inner core

Artist’s impression of the lunar interior. From the surface down to the center: a thin crust, a very thick mantle, a low-viscosity zone at the core-mantle boundary, a fluid outer core, and a solid inner core.  Credit Géoazur/Nicolas Sarter