NASA's Venus Rover Challenge Winners

How do you design a vehicle that can withstand the furnace-like heat and crushing pressures of Venus?

An overwhelming response to the competition will help advance the design of a mechanical rover concept that could one day explore the hellish surface of Venus.

Above: This rendering shows the first-place winning concept “Venus Feelers” by Youssef Ghali from Cairo, Egypt.  Credits: NASA/HeroX/Youssef Ghali

“The response from the community was incredible and better than I ever dreamed,” said Jonathan Sauder, a senior mechatronics engineer at JPL. “There were so many great ideas and well-developed concepts that in addition to first, second, and third place, we decided to add two finalists and another 10 honorable mentions in recognition of the amazing work people put into this project.”


NASA's Venus Rover Challenge Winners

This collage shows all 15 finalists for the “Exploring Hell” competition. In all, 572 entries from designers, makers, and citizen scientists were submitted from 82 countries.  Credits: NASA/HeroX

source NASA,  Herox