Navdy heads-up display

Navdy a multifunction heads-up display, with maps, calls, messages, music and car information projected directly in front of you.

Navdy heads-up display uses full-color projection that’s 40 times brighter than your smartphone to display directions and notifications beyond the dash.

Drivers can Look Forward© while Staying Connected© and enjoy seamless integration of their phone into the driving experience.

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Your phone is fully in sync with your car and the road ahead. The Next Trip feature lets you pre-load destinations through the app, so when you get behind the wheel you’re ready to go. It also displays traffic overviews, suggests faster routes, and lets you customize the dash.

The steering wheel dial to let you skip songs, zoom in and out of maps, scroll through lists and make selections—all from the comfort of your steering wheel.

Navdy detects low fuel, monitors traffic, and automatically re-routes if there’s congestion ahead. And the longer you use it, the more it learns about you. Based on habits and calendar events, it can anticipate your needs and make helpful, time- saving suggestions.

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