NAWA Hybrid e-motorbike (3)

NAWA Technologies unveils hybrid electric motorbike racer concept destined for CES 2020.

The NAWA hybrid electric motorbike revolutionary new electric powertrain unleashed by company’s next-generation ultracapacitors: System can be applied to all forms of electric vehicle.

NAWA Hybrid e-motorbike (2)

NAWA Racer is inspired by 1960s café racers but is powered by a world-first ‘hybrid’ battery system, which combines the company’s next-gen ultracapacitors with lithium-ion.
Offering ten times more power and five times more energy than existing ultracapacitors, they unleash the potential of a hybrid battery, bringing huge efficiency improvements.

NAWA Hybrid e-motorbike
System allows NAWA Racer to re-use 80 percent of the energy otherwise lost in braking, gives a 300km urban range and brings weight savings of 25 percent.
Marking the first time an electric motorbike has used ultracapacitors, NAWA Technologies’ hybrid battery system is fully scale-able and can be applied to any EV, including cars.

Images credit NAWA

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