Ocean Cleanup Array concept

The Ocean Cleanup Array concept to capture oceanic plastic pollution, will be deployed in 2016.

Images credit The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup Array concept uses the natural currents to its advantage, to passively and efficiently capture oceanic plastic pollution.

The array is projected to be deployed in Q2 2016. The feasibility of deployment, off the coast of Tsushima, an island located in the waters between Japan and South-Korea is currently being researched.

Ocean Cleanup Array concept 2

The system will span 2000 meters, thereby becoming the longest floating structure ever deployed in the ocean (beating the current record of 1000 m held by the Tokyo Mega-Float). It will be operational for at least two years, catching plastic pollution before it reaches the shores of the proposed deployment location of Tsushima island. Tsushima island is evaluating whether the plastic can be used as an alternative energy source.

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source The Ocean Cleanup