Oceanbird Wind-powered Cargo Vessel

Oceanbird world’s largest wind-powered vessel with 80 metres high wings, providing enough power to transport 7,000 cars across the ocean.

The Wallenius Marine Oceanbird 200 metres long and 40 metres wide cargo vessel will be able to cross the Atlantic in 12 days.

The wing sails are all of 80 metres tall, giving the ship a height above water line of approx 100 metres, but thanks to a telescopic construction they can be lowered, resulting in a vessel height above water line of approx 50 metres. This comes in handy when passing under bridges or if the surface area of the wingsails needs to be reduced due to strong winds.

Oceanbird Wind-powered Cargo Vessel (3)

To be able to get in and out of harbours – and as a safety measure – the vessel will also be equipped with an auxiliary engine. Powered by clean energy, of course.
The first vessel will be a cargo ship, but the concept can be applied to ships of all types, such as cruise ships.

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Evolution equipped birds with wings to enable them to harness the power of the wind. It’s the same with Oceanbird. But instead of feathers, the wings are made of steel and composite materials. Thanks to a telescopic function, the wings can be reduced to a quarter of its length – from 80 to 20 metres. This function is key for several reasons, most important being:

Being able to pass under bridges.
Reducing the maximum air draft of the ship in port.
Reducing rig forces in strong winds.
Enable maintenance of wings.
Improve performance in wider wind range.

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source Wallenius Marine