Pioneer-class Stations Space Hotels

Pioneer-class Stations are Space Hotels with artificial gravity, designed to accommodate 28 guests for up to two weeks, by 2025.

Orbital Assembly Corporation announced plans to develop Pioneer-class Stations, comprising of five modules built around a rotating gravity ring, in Low Earth Orbit.

Rhonda Stevenson, chief executive officer of Orbital Assembly, explained:

“The Pioneer design is a safe, secure, and reliable modular station that will generate revenue and profitability from both the tourist and commercial sectors sooner than our competitors who are adhering to NASA timetables.”

Pioneer-class Stations will be the first habitable platforms capable of providing artificial gravity, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for research, tourism, and long duration spaceflight.

The Pioneer Class of space station marks a fundamental shift away from existing station architectures. Artificial gravity capabilities are now available in the LEO ecosystem.

Flexible Architecture:

2 to 8 Habitable Modules
2 to 8 Airlocks
4 to 16 Docking ports
35.5m min. Station Diameter
375 m3 volume per module


Crew capacity of 14 to 56 (configuration dependent)
Up to Lunar level simulated gravity
Isolated long duration mission simulations
Separate tourist facilities
Pressurized and Vacuum payloads


IDSS docking/berthing ports
International Standard Payload Racks

source Orbital Assembly Corporation