Plastic Pollution will double by 2030

Each of us use 53 kilograms of plastic per year, generating a collective total of more than 300 million tonnes of plastic waste.

According to a new report, by 2030 this is predicted to double, with a tremendous impact to our oceans.

Environmental charity WWF International called for countries around the world to sign an agreement to end plastics leaking into the oceans by 2030.

Dr. Lyndsey Dodds, the Head of UK & EU Marine Policy, said:

“Plastic is choking the planet, from emissions caused in its production to the animals harmed when it leaks into our oceans.

Nature is not disposable, it is essential – we need it for our health, wealth and security. This is a global problem that requires a global solution and that is why we are calling for a legally binding United Nations agreement to stop the leakage of plastics into our planet’s oceans by 2030.”

WWF Director General Marco Lambertini, said:

“Our existing method of producing, using and disposing of plastic is fundamentally broken. It’s a system lacking in accountability, and currently operates in a way which practically guarantees that ever-increasing volumes of plastic will leak into nature.”

Image credit WWF

source WWF