Prodrive Hunter Adventure Vehicle

Prodrive Hunter based on the Dakar T1 rally car, can quickly and efficiently cross rough terrain, sand dunes, with an engine producing over 600 bhp.

Over 14 days the car raced 8,500 km across the Arabian desert, traversing dunes, mountains and the roughest rocky trails. This ultimate test of speed and endurance has ensured that the Hunter is prepared for any off-road adventure.

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The hypercar has the Dakar T1 car at its core, carrying over the same technology that brought the car through the most gruelling race in the world, the Dakar.

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The Prodrive Hunter’s 3.5l V6 turbo engine has been refined and tuned by Prodrive on its advanced transient dyno to produce more than 600 bhp.

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It has double wishbone suspension all round with twin dampers and 400 mm of travel to take on the roughest of terrain.

Front-mid. 3.5 litre V6 twin turbo. Single plenum/throttle. Dry sump
Power over 600 bhp. Torque 700 Nm

4 wheel drive. Six speed paddle shift gearbox
Front, centre and rear differentials

High strength steel tubular structure
Carbon and natural fibre composite bodywork

Carbon fibre seats. Six-point safety harness
Dual fire extinguisher system. Lightweight lithium-ion battery. Navigation system

8.5J x 172 forged aluminium rims. 35/12.5-17 off road tyres

Six pot front calipers. Six pot rear calipers. Vented discs

Double wishbone. Two adjustable dampers per wheel

480 litre in safety cell

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