Revolutionary Aerospike Engine ready for testing

The ground test stand and revolutionary aerospike engine for the Demonstrator 3 rocket, are ready for tests.

The effort was completed in 60 days since the start of fabrication, at ARCA Space Corporation facilities. The system will perform a series of ground tests that will ultimately qualify the engine for flight.

After the ground tests, the same engine will be integrated into the Demonstrator 3 rocket that will perform a suborbital space flight up to an altitude of 120 km above the New Mexico desert. It will be the first ever flight of a linear aerospike engine and the first ever space flight of an aerospike engine.

Revolutionary Aerospike Engine ready for testing (2)

The engine, with a sea level thrust of 4.2 tons, uses hydrogen peroxide 70% as monopropellant. Despite low energy propellant, the rocket is able to reach space due to the use of an extremely lightweight tank and high efficiency aerospike engine.

Full press release here.

source arcaspace